Mohabbat Ka Taweez / Love Amulet

Mohabbat ka Taweez

I am going to mention here two different taweez for love. If anyone facing problems in his/her love marriage then they can use mohabbat ka taweez. Mohabbat ka taweez or love amulet brings results very soon.

Given mohabbat ka taweez or love amulet can only use for the right purpose example marriage otherwise you will carry side effects. So, please be careful and do not try to misuse this amulet or taweez anyway. It is highly advisable to consult with Akhtar Bhai before using them. 

Taweez/Amulet For Love

This is the first taweez for love used by many people and has good results. You just need to have the stuff mention below.

stuff for taweez of love

  1. White Paper
  2. Saffron
  3. Green marker
  4. Desired name

Procedure: is simple and easy anyone can do that by just following the given steps.

First step: Mix saffron in water as;

how to mix saffron for taweez

Second step: Let saffron release color and separates the water from saffron. Spread  this water on a blank paper and let the white paper dry looking as; 

This is not only the purpose of coloring the paper but also make it a strong pleasant smell of saffron.

Third step: is after dry this paper you can write this taweez/amulet on the saffron paper with a green marker same as showing in the picture below;

Mohabbat ka taweez

Fourth Step: After written amulet or taweez, write your name and desire at the backside of this taweez/amulet. Write it as; (your lover name then write ala al hub after that write your name)

Last Step: After all done then you are going to recite Ya Wadudo 303 times read Darood Pak 11 times first and last. Blow on the taweez and close taweez/amulet and wrap in any small clothe and tie with your right arm.

Now recite daily Ya Wadudo 101 times first and last Darood Pak 11 times. You will see the result within three weeks he/she will be going to start to love you more day after day.


  • This taweez can be used for husband/wife.
  • Make sure you have real saffron before start it.
  • Only use If you know what you are doing Because.
  • Using given taweez for the wrong purpose is not going to work as well as a waste of time or may end up with some side effects.

Another Taweez For Mohabbat

This taweez is, even more, stronger than the first one. If you can not do the first one then you can make this one. The first one is simple and a little easy for you but this one may hard if you never write with saffron before.

For another mohabbat ka taweez you need.

  • Saffron
  • Rose Water
  • White Paper
  • Reed Pen (Qalam)

Maybe some of you are not familiar with the reed pen that is why I give a picture here. So, you can find easily in the market or can make one. Reed pen can be made with bamboo sticks and very famous in Asia.

reed pen for taweez

After having all the required things taweez for mohabbat now time to start. Firstly you need to mix saffron in rose water. For the results of taweez/Amulet, you must have real saffron and rose water. After that write taweez with reed pen same as the given picture below.

Mohabbat ka taweez

Make sure you write correctly which means you just need to copy on it. Write your lover name then write ala al hub and your name backside of the taweez/Amulet.

At the last stage close taweez and wrap with any little cloth and tie with your arm. If you can not tie with your arm you can just simply hang on a tree.

If you already have used any of them please write your experience in the comment below. That may help others decide on using these taweez or not.

There is any question feel free to ask Akhtar Bhai. WhatsApp +9232266-90723.

Wazifa For Love

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43 thoughts on “Mohabbat Ka Taweez / Love Amulet

  1. Asslam-O-Alikum. bhai me ek larky sy boht ziada pyar krti hun or us sy shadi krna chati hun lekin wo meri prwa ni krta mje is amal k krny ki ijazat dy den

  2. slama akhtar bhai mere husband 5 mahny ho gy hen ami ke ghr chody hue or leny nai aye kia me ya amal kr skti hun k wo mje leny ajae un k dill me mohbbat peda ho jae

  3. me boht preshan hun kya ma ya amal kr lun mje shadi krni he or wo lrka b mjsy pyar krta he sab razi he magar us k dost usy bharka dete hen or wo phr lari jahgra kr k bat khtam kr deta he may chati hun k wo lari na kre

  4. Asslamoalikum bhai meera husband mujsy pyar ni krta tha or muje meri ami k ghr chod gia mene apka ye amal kia he wo mje ghr wapis le aia he or both behtr he lekin ye phrny wala kitny din phroon

    1. Amulet me likhe hue kuch words clear nahi sikha rahe….kya koi inhe bade font me clearly like kar post kar Salta hai?

  5. sir I want to do this Amulet pleas give me permission we want to get marry but our parents not support us, can I do for my parents that they will agree for our marriage?

  6. pleas grant me to do this love amulet I want this love amulet one person for my life partner and also can I use this amulet without saffron?

  7. Akhtar bhai me ik lrki sy pyar krta hun or us sy shadi krna chahta hun lekin us larki pe us k ghr walon ny “kala jadoo” kr dia he js sy wo muj sy nafrt krny lag gai he me ny ye puchna he k agar ksi pe kala jadoo ho to ye amulet istmal kr skty hn k wo dubra mohbat krny leg jae

  8. Pleas Allow ME To Do This Amulet And I Don’t Know Her Name But She Is My Neighbor How Can I Use This Love Amulet

  9. asslamoalikum amel sab me ap sy ye puchna chati hun k taweez bazoo pe bandhny k bad roz phrny wala kitny din phrna he

  10. akhtar sab bady ustad sab k bad ab ap ustad hen mera masla ye bna huwa he k main aik larki ko pasand krta hun. Larki k ghr waly razi hen magar mere ni mere pas sirf 10 din ka time ha is ka bad larki ka kahi or rista ho jana he bari mehrbani is problem ko hal krny me meri madad kren.

    1. Naseer, I have same problem, I need also help.

      Mujhe toh sirf aaj seh leh kar 17 november tak hai. Bot parshani hai.

    1. asalamualikum masood bhai ap ney ye wazifa kiya tha ap ne shadi ki niyat se kiya tha or ap ko kamyabi hui is wazifa se plz is barey mein bata saktey hai kuch ye wazifa kitna asar dar hai

  11. this site came to me… magic…. and its amazing to think that someone so kindly offers free spells…. which in addition work very real and as fast… i instantly feel better and how many days i continue this reading?

  12. salam mulana me ye amal krna chati ho k wo mere muhbat me bekarar ho jae aur mjsy nikah kr le ap mje ijazt dy or ye b k roz phrny wala kis time phrna he!!!!

  13. uncle me ye amal karma chati hun mje iski ijazat dy hamare rishte me rukawate be both hen kia is k krny sy bs mohbbat peda hoti he k rakwaten b khtam hoti hen

  14. bhai me ek larki sy both pyar krta hun lekin wo mje is qabil ni samjti kia me ye amal kr skta hun

  15. bhai g mere dost ne mjsy bat krna chod di kia me ya amal kr skti hun us k dil me mohbat peda krny k lye ye amal merey lye umeed ki ek kiran hay mje ap is amal ki ijazat dy

  16. me puchana chai hun k kia periods me b phrny wla phr skti hun or is Amulet ko pas rakh skti hun or ye kitny din phrna he

  17. me ye amal krna chati hun mje is ki ejzat dyn or ye b btaen k phrny wala kis time pe phrna he or kitny din phrna he

  18. Ye amal bhut hi strong hai aur is ka result bhut hi jaldi milta hai hum ne kal ye amal kye aur raat ko hi mere boyfriend ne mujhe call kya aur wo mujhe se bhut achhe se baat kar rahe the. Bhut bhut sukriya aaktahrji

    1. Helo sis mje ap se ye janna he k ap ne ijazt ly k kia aur jo taweez k oper likha he .. Muje us ki smj ni aa ri kya ap kuch helpkr skti ho?

  19. ye taweez kitny din bandhna hai or kitne din tak prhna hai wazifa. or ye jo taweez pe likha hai ye clear smjh nai a rha to kese likhen. plz reply soon

  20. I wanna do this amal to get marry with a girl on asao basis i m deeply in love with her but her family creating problem i wanna do only for marriage please help me i m waiting

  21. Assalaam alaikum hazrat , khairiyat . ji meri shaadi ka chal raha hai, isiliye kaafi saari ladkiya bhi dekh rakhi hai him logo ne , lekin mai ye jaannaa chaahta hu ke mere liye achhi jiwan saathi kaun rahegi. isiliye mujhe mere naam ki ek aisi taweez chaahiye jise pehente hi jis bhi ladki se mai baat karu yaa baat karna chaahu to wo meri taraf maail ho , meri deewaani ho jaaye aur mujhe be-inteha pyaar , mohabbat aur izzat kare . (Jazaak-Allah khairan). Aap mujhe taweez ka hadiya bataa dijiye, mai bhej dunga aapko. Mera Mobile number : 0770953****.

  22. salaam sir my wife left me and I want her back can you help me please I will make your worthwyle allah afaz

  23. Amulet me likhe kuch lafz clearly nahi sikha rahe…please inhe. Clear like kar koi email kar de mughe. Thanks for Ur help

  24. Salaam peer sahab. Kindly give me permission to do this amulet. Love of my life is away from me and i cannot find peace without her

  25. Please sir grant me to do this love amulet. I want this love amulet for only one person in my life please grant me

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