Black Magic Symptoms

What are the symptoms of black magic?

Are you want to know whether you are victimized by black magic or not? I am going to mention the different types of black magic symptoms. After reading these black magic symptoms, if anyone or more than one symptom matches with any personal problems.

That means he/she is a victim of black magic. There are different types of black magic that’s why symptoms are not the same. Different spellcasters use different methods of magic.

After matching any symptoms already mentioned below. You have to contact your spiritual healer as soon as possible. Or you can contact Akhtar Bhai so he can remove black magic from you.

Black Magic Symptoms

If someone has done black magic for you these are the common symptoms of black magic. If the list below symptoms are not related to your problem and you still suspect that there is black magic on you then you can contact Akhtar Bhai for confirmation.

Symptom of black magic

  1. When you cook a bad smell comes up.
  2. You are having dreams about dogs, dead people, ants, snakes, spiders, lizards, and cockroaches.
  3. Constantly headaches for no reason.
  4. Motivation has gone.
  5. Extreme fearfulness.
  6. Crying and screaming.
  7. Sadness and depression feelings combined.
  8. Doubtfulness for everything.
  9. Feel sick almost every day.
  10. Losing money.
  11. Hindrance in every work.
  12. Bad lucks.
  13. Hate feelings for your own self.
  14. Unwillingness to study,
  15. Losing interest in family and home.
  16. Unhygienic conditions see in dreams.
  17. Feeling anxiety.
  18. Becomes impatient.
  19. Feel hungry after eating proper food.
  20. Fear feelings in your heart.
  21. The weakness of memory.
  22. Become lazy.
  23. Starts hating yourself.
  24. Tiredness without any work.
  25. Anger increase.
  26. Feeling die or shortly you’ll die.
  27. Hairs fall a lot.

Love Spell Symptoms

  1. Heartbeat fast sees him/her.
  2. Suddenly starts strong desire feelings for the person you just moved on.
  3. Increase sexual desire.
  4. Menstruation continues for girls while not a medical cause.
  5. Always having an erection.
  6. Your sleep is disturbed.
  7. Having a strong feeling to touch or hold him/her hand.
  8. Disinterest in life.
  9. Sleepless nights because of thinking for a person.
  10. Losing interest in work.
  11. When you start to think then only think about one person.
  12. After seeing the mirror you are staying a long time to see yourself and love to see yourself.

Symptoms of Voodoo Spell

    1. Burns feeling in the body.
    2. Cramp in parts of the body.
    3. Suddenly it starts Joints pain.
    4. The weakness of the body.
    5. Always feel a heavyweight on the head.
    6. Pimples start to appear on the face.
    7. Marks that appear on your body elements can be blue or red.
    8. The one who feels pleasure in dirty clothes and doesn’t want to change clothes.
    9. The entire body feels pain.
    10. Smells stinking.
    11. The entire body remains hot.
    12. Irritation in the Eyes and become red.
    13. Hard to breathe.
    14. It starts with diarrhea and pain in the stomach.
    15. Losing attraction from your face.
    16. Feelings injecting pins in the body.
    17. Cramp of body parts.
    18. Legs turn swollen.
    19. Pinch within the feet.
    20. Taking medication that works at the start then starts providing you with a lot of issues.
    21. The body weakness for no reason.
    22. Feeling dizzy.

Symptoms of Black Magic for Divorce

  • Unfortunately, start fighting
  • Arguments on every topic between husband and wife
  • Fighting without reasons
  • They are losing concentration from children
  • Feel lonely even if they are couples
  • Depreciation
  • The husband/wife starts to feel hate for each other
  • Feeling anger and hate your own self

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19 thoughts on “Black Magic Symptoms

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  2. please can anyone tell me that am I under a love spell because I am having sleepless nights and thinking about someone all the time

    1. If you are having these symptoms suddenly and a day before you were absolutely normal, then yes, these are the symptoms of a spell. For confirmation, you may contact and discuss your situation on WhatsApp at +923226690723.

  3. Hello can someone help me for free of charge my heartbeat become fast when I see a man is this symptom of a love spell working on me please thank u

  4. Sudi Arabia dammam sy hoon meny apki love spell symptoms phri hen me jis k bary me sochta hoo phr sochta he rhta hoo kia mere uper koi mohbbat ka jadu k asrat hn

  5. akhtar bhai i am always having my heart beat fast while i see a specific person am i the victim of love spell

  6. I know someone and i never like him but all of sudden i started to like him if he does not talk to me i start feel very bad is this symptom of love spell working on me this is the first time that kind of feelings i am having and never had in my life before

  7. akhtar bhai i am loosing interest in work and my sexual desire increasing day after day are these the symptoms of love spell?

  8. its been a week now that i am having sleepless nights and no interest in my life anymore these symptoms makes me worry because these are the symptoms of a love spell working on me. If these are the love spell symptoms what should i do i want to get ride of this problem

  9. Akhtar bhai i feel my legs are swelling and feel pinching needles on my feet. are these the signs someone is hurting you with voodoo. please respond and help me i am so much in worry and stressed.

  10. my period is on going constantly can anyone tell that is this the physical symptom of love spell?

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