What is dua to prevent miscarriage?

Questions: QuestionsWhat is dua to prevent miscarriage?
Sabihah Attia asked 1 year ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 1 year ago

This is the most powerful dua to prevent miscarriage.

Bismillah Illazi La Yadurru ma-asmihi Shai-Un Fill Ardi Wala Fis Samaa-e Wahu Wass-Samee-Ul Aleem

Recite this dua before sleeping 111 times during pregnancy to prevent your miscarriage. This is a very effective dua if you already have miscarriage symptoms and want to prevent it.

Thanks to Sabiha who asked this question What is the dua for miscarriage in Islam? This question has been asked many times before. This answer will not help only one person but others too to prevent miscarriage using this given dua.

Haadiya Hanan answered 1 year ago
Akhtar Bhai it is being ten years now, I am not be able to pregnant even I pregnant miscarriage happen again and again. Should I do this dua to prevent miscarriage? Or if you can provide me another dua or solution I will be thankful to you. Please Help.
Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer replied 1 year ago

Dear Haadiya, ten years is a long time period. Do not give up or hopeless. Allah is the Healer, and He is the Most Merciful. Seek refuge in Him from any harm, trouble, or pain that may come your way. I am writing few steps to follow with my given above dua to prevent miscarriage.

1. Make supplications (duas) in remembrance of Allah for protection and seek to gain His pleasure and provisions for a safe pregnancy: “Our Lord, grant us from Yourself mercy and prepare for us from our affair rightness” (Quran 18:10).
2. Ask the angels to guard your baby and make sure it’s well looked after: “Indeed, there are over you protectors” (Quran 81:30).
3. Recite Quran regularly and make a habit of reading Surah Al-Rehman each day to gain its spiritual benefits.
4. Strive to maintain a clean lifestyle during pregnancy; eat healthy nutritious foods, get plenty of rest, drink enough water, consult a doctor when needed, and do not neglect prenatal checkups as they will help ensure everything is going well with the baby.
5. Take some special herbs & minerals beneficial for pregnancy such as folic acid or chamomile tea which can help reduce anxiety & tension during pregnancy & promote general health & well-being.
6. Perform regular salah (prayer), dhikr (remembrance), wudu (ablution) throughout the day & recite short duas before sleeping to protect the pregnancy & the unborn baby; “O God! Grant me blessings upon this blessed creation of Yours”(Tirmidhi).

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