Does black magic really work?

Questions: QuestionsDoes black magic really work?
Hanifa asked 1 year ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 1 year ago

Yes and No

The answer to whether black magic really works is both yes and no, depending on the person performing it and the target of the practice. If a person has sufficient spiritual power and is skilled in casting spells, they may be able to cause harm to their chosen target. However, if a person is unskilled or lacks the right spiritual power, then it is unlikely that any real curse will cause any harm.

Those who practice black magic generally believe that their spells will have an effect on their targets. Even if the effects are not immediately visible. There are various types of spells used by those who practice black magic, from curses to hexes to revenge magick. In some cases, people use black magic as a form of protection from negative energies.

Although there are people who believe in and practice black magic, this type of magick carries significant risks. It can be used irresponsibly or maliciously and can cause harm to others if not handled with great care and respect for all beings involved.  Additionally, those who choose to do black magic may face retribution from other practitioners because it is seen as unethical within many magical communities.

Curses are believed by some practitioners of black magic to bring bad luck and ill health onto a target individual or group of people. The black magic caster can do a curse spell to bring bad luck and illness onto an individual target or family.

According to my experience, many black magic specialists do hexes to bring more specific types of negative energy such as financial hardship or mental anguish upon those affected by them. While some victims confirm that these sorts of black magic spells do indeed work. Many people still ask the question Does black magic really work, I can say yes to this asked question it does really work.

In addition to using black magic for negative purposes, some people also request defensive magical protection. Such as protection circles in order to prevent negative energies from entering into a life where they do not belong or harming someone they wish to protect. Such as themselves or loved ones from others ill that can create by dark spells.

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