Protection Spells

Protection Spells

If you’re feeling that negativity is bound you, or someone or spirit has dangerous intentions towards you. There are several protection spells that you just would do easily with the privacy of your home.

However, there are many spells that use specifically to protect you, loved ones, and your home from something that’s threatening damage. Although, you can use these most effective protection spells.

Protection Spell With Bottle

Protection spells using bottles are a very easy technique. We can include two things protection and success with this kind of spell.

Protection Bottle Spell

Therefore, I am going to mention here the process of making a protection bottle spell step by step. This protection spell is going to be worth of effort. I decided to world let know about one of my perfect protection spells.

Moreover, all spells work well if we do proper manners and chants. I usually make a bottle having a spell combine with different power and spirits. I love to gather all energies and use them for protection.

Choose of Material before Protection Spell

Firstly, you must learn or understand things that are given below before starting a spell.

The Bottles:

A clean bottle with a good tight cork should use for this protection spell. After the spell has been done we are going to seal the bottle with wax that is going to help the spell remain in the bottle.

Empty Bottle

The liquid in the bottle can water and alcohol. Using water is the best option because different types of alcohol have different spirits.

Similarly, you must consult someone before using alcohol. That is true alcohol is good for a strong spell but vinegar can make it stronger as well.


Before starting a spell make your purpose of the spell. You can use clear and short sentences or verbs that need to write or speak. This protection includes banishing and evil spirits to stay healthy.

For example, protect me from all evil include evil eyes, evil spirits, evil spells, and bring success on my way. Now you can develop your very own intentions for the spell.


Using different herbs, animals and stones are good for spirits because they have unique properties. It can be done only with chanting but it is rare.

Crystals for spirits

In other words, before start a spell learn well or consult an expert regardless of the spell you going to do. The better you learn them the better you perform them.

Quality or properties of spell:

A magic spell for a specific purpose is always effective. Not only herbs, animals, or stones have a property of energy but choosing certain colors is also helpful. All things have energies that flow from them rest spirit came from the chanting.

Choosing of spell:

Countless magic spells can use for protection. But selecting one of them is challenging. That is why I prefer mostly to use a thing that belongs to plants, stones, and animals.

choose of spell material

This is based on my knowledge and experience that I have from my life. I always cast spells including materials for the exact outcomes we want from a spell. Choosing a material is always depending on the type of spell and requirements.

Stuff Crafting:

For this protection spell, I choose simple blend materials and focusing on my aim. In this spell, I purely focused on protection and success. If you are doing it the first time you may feel hard but doing it with good practice going to make it easy for you.

However, before starting a spell you may learn to open your powers but not necessarily. Nine major parts of this spell that are relating to material that will use in the spell. 

Circle for protection

However, before doing a spell casting a circle around you for protection is a very common way to protect yourself. This circle can use to perform highly powerful magic spells. In addition, this circle prevents backfires and other harmful negative energies.

Protection Spell Chant:

Once you have learned everything and chose your spell then time to write chant. The chant is going to activate the energy into the spell.

Chanting Incense

Furthermore, I am going to mention here one of my chant for protection and success spell.  This chant is going to get the job done. If you are using your own then use a well-structured one that feels right.

Now Time to Casting:

Once everything ready I cast the spell by saying the chanting and start to assemble the bottle. Burns incense and pay attention and see the intensity of the spell.

However, you can use the spell as it as but if you are going to do it by your specific need is much better. Given below chant and active energy.

“I cast this spell when the moon is new, Great Selene, now I summon you.

Into these plants, your energy flows, With each drop, my spell so grows.

Hail plants, know your time has come, at last, Join with my spell, your rest has passed.

Heed my words, I command you, Make this spell strong and true.

Sage, first to you I call, Lend your strength and purify all.

Boundaries enforced, enemies are far sent, Foxglove, your powers I rend, Healing, and harmony into my blend.

Birch, creativity, kindness, and growth from you I take, Add your wisdom, this spell I make.

Mugwort, the most potent plant, Powerful growth you now grant.

Bay leaves I add for blessings and more, Send truth and influence to you I implore.

Rose, fairest flower, I ask you to share, Support, and blessings, all you can spare, Not only to myself but to all those who enter here.

Oak, grant security and success on, Mighty tree of magic I call on.

Great plants, I stir and bind, Mixing your spirits, the moons, and mine.

Onto Owl, my chosen guardian, The power of this spell I send.

Great Owl, watch over all I create, Guard my work I do implore, Send growth my way forevermore.

My spirit companions and eager friends, I praise you for all that you lend.

This spell has been cast, our work is done, What we have bound cannot be undone.”


  • Mortar and pestle
  • 1 bottle with a cork or lid
  • Sheepskin parchment paper
  • 4 tablespoons of Ocean salt,
  • Oak bryophyte or orris root powder
  • 1 white candle
  • Red thread
  • Black ink (you can use a black marker)

Grind the four ingredients using a mortar and a pestle, then keep them separately. Cut a chunk of sheepskin parchment to the bottle and use the black ink to write it down.

Mortal herbs

“I neutralize the facility of (name of one who wishes to hurt you) to try to me any harm. I raise that this is correct and for the great of all thus mote it be”

This message in a bottle spell is used to protect you from anyone who wants to hurt you physically or emotionally.

Roll sheepskin parchment up, tie it with Red thread, and use the bottle. Fill Up the bottle with the mixed dry ingredients then shut with a cap or cork.

Burn the white candle and switch the bottle counterclockwise drop white wax and sealed it. After that bury the bottle where it won’t be disturbed or the mammary gland up.

Best Home protections spell to keep you safe

I am going to assist you to make a secure shield around your home. Remember, all spell work potency depends on chant and your ability to focus while casting a spell. Feelings tired then consider doing spell another time is a good idea.

House protection spell


  • Garlic paste
  • Salt
  • Glass bowl

Mix garlic and salt in a bowl and chant.

With this salt, I cleanse this place Let no one with ill intentions enter this space  Protect this space from all negative energies and entities So mote it be

Keep this bowl in your hand and keep chanting during that time move all-around your home. Once you finished all-around home make a hole in your house backyard and berry this bowl includes everything.

In addition, if you do not have a backyard then you can do it anyplace close to the canal.

How to use protection spells?

The use of protection spells is simple as a spell caster protection spells can use for negative energies, harmful spirits, or people who want to harm you. Protection spells can use to protect emotionally and physically and prevent bad luck. 

Magic protection spells help spell casters to make sure their spell is not going to backfire or harm anyone. The use of a protection spell enables you to satisfaction of safety from all evil spells.

Sprinkle Protection water:

Firstly, boil a red rose with lemon to protect your house. Spread this water in the corners of your room or house. As a result, this will leave energy to protect your room or house.

A strong protection spell:

Above all can use to protect you from someone who wants to harm you. This spell is the way of safety from evil spells.

A simple protection spell:

Working with magic spells simple is a better protection solution. You can make sure by just doing a simple and quick protection spell. This spell has fewer steps to work instantly and the bond is strong enough to protect you.

A protection spell chant:

However, only chants are the best way to have your power and desire for spiritual powers.

A protection spell for someone else:

This protection spell uses to protect those people who are far from you. The great way to a protective shield around someone who has a situation.

A Protection spell against negative people:

The fire of jealousy cause harm to themselves and others. The most common results are people hire spell caster to ruin your life or just evil eye after you to harm enough to ruin your life.

Therefore, at this time you must have an extremely powerful and strong spell to stop people to harm you and negative energies.

Home protection spell:

Similarly, your home will be protected by using this spell. The cast of this spell will make a shield of protection around your house.

Decoration for protection:

Spiritual design is a way to get rid of the negative energies of your home. Hanging a spiral design at the main door of the home can help. You can do it another way as well.

Decoration for Protection

For example, place a green candle in the middle of the time of the last month of the year. Right before the end of the year light the candle and ask spirits to protect your home for next entire year.

Ritual of protection spells

After felt around you bad energies or you are suffering from excessive fatigue and have sadness and negative thoughts then use one of the spells to clear it up.

ritual of protection spells

  • Good Luck spells for protection
  • Self-defense banishing spell
  • Chant to banish negative energies from home
  • Negative energy banishing spell
  • Onion Protection spells
  • Spiritual protection bath before casting spells
  • Pet protection spells
  • Lunar protection spell
  • Cleansing protection spell for the home
  • Amulet for protection
  • Job protection spell 
  • Herbs for protection
  • Rue for protection
  • Bay leaf for protection
  • Sage clear energy

What is Falita?

A simple definition of a Falita is that sign or words of sign cut/remove witches or spell casters use to harm people. It is also used to remove the hindrance of love.

This Falita I have used many cases to remove evil energy/spells that are harming people. This was the most perfect method taught by my Guru to remove any energy. Anyone can use this Falita and take advantage of it.

Falita for protecion

Furthermore, I am mentioning everything here as I learned from my Guru.  Now, this is up to you how you can take help from this method. These words and pictures have a strong energy that is sharp enough to remove all other energies.

Uses of Falita!

We can use Falita in several ways for many purposes given below.

Falita for Hindrance removes:

To remove any kind of hindrance print out seven times and write your name behind it. Keep under your pillow before sleep and burn everyday morning.

After that, keep the ashes in a safe place, and last day mix ashes and throw in running water. Hindrance will be gone. Even that hindrance was because of magic or any reason will be gone.

Bad energy removes from your home/Shop:

Also, you can use other purposes like remove bad energy or evil spell from your home and shop. You just need to make one the same as you see here. Now bring some sage close to this Falita and hide this Falita inside the sage.

Falita home protection sage

Now, cover sage with a cloth and properly compile with thread as you can see in the picture. After that burn in your house or shop and move in all your home so smoke can spread each corner. All bad energies will be gone.

Remove Evil Spells:

Witches cast magic spells with dead animal bones mostly birds include. This is of course make their spell stronger to harm people and the results are very bad for the victim.

Remove evil spells with falita

After these types of spells victims become sick to lose the job and no one there for him everyone left him/her. Then make one same as you see and print 20 more so you will have 21 in total.

Now every night before sleep rub this Falita on your body and burn. You must remain close to it so smoke of this Falita can remove other spells. Keep these ashes safe and after last night mix them and throw them in running water.

As a result, during these three weeks, you are going to start to feel normal. People who left you because of this will be coming back. But you must finish 21 days to make sure the evil spell has been removed.

Remove Love Spell:

Furthermore, you feel someone did a love spell on you. You have all symptoms of a love spell then this is also going to help you. You need to make the same and write your name and then make four photocopies.

Now close it and wrap it in a red shiny cloth. Burn one by one every Tuesday and after last Falita you will be normal. You no need to do any other thing but you can take protection after removing the spell.

Demonic Possession Remove with Falita

Also, this Falita works for Demonic possession. But for the worst condition of the patient require exorcism. This Falita is going to work if you have symptoms of demonic possession.

However, you can just simply make it 10 times and write the patient’s name with red color behind it. Now rub all Falita one by one first on both hands and then on both feet of the patient.

After that burn one in the evening and one in the morning. Within five days demonic possession will be gone.

Stop Nightmares with Falita

You are having constantly nightmares that are making your life hell. During sleep, these dreams make you scared and you wake up with sweat. Just because of this sometimes you do not want to sleep.

Stop Nightmares with Falita

Now you can permanent get rid of these dreams. You need to make 5 Falita write your name behind them and dip them in mustard oil. After that wrap in black clothe and keep them all together in a shopper bag.

Most importantly, keep this shopper bag under your Pillo and burn one of them everyday morning once you wake up. Keep ashes safe and after last Falita throws them in a river.

Moon Wolf Protection Spell

As you may guess, this powerful Wiccan spell summons the spirit of the strong wolf and calls thereon for defense against evil forces or jealous people.

Moon wolf protection spell


  • 2 Black candles
  • 1 white candle
  • Jasmine oil
  • Simple Half Glass of Water

First of all, after having these sit under the full of the moon and chant 313 times.

“Candles three, black and white, bring protection here tonight, the moon is full, the sky is obvious, and misfortune and evil disappear, the mighty wolf can ever reign, produce protection from the curse, return hither return hither.”

After that drink whole water and keep oil in a safe place. You will be using this oil for 7 days before sleep washes your hands and massage little oil on your hands.

Home Cleansing and Protection Spell 

This spell is used for banishing all evil spells from your house. This spell is very easy to use and you need two trustworthy people there to assist you.

Home cleansing and protective spell


  • A half glass of water
  • Sea salt
  • One white sage smudging bundle
  • 1 black candle
  • Rosemary oil
  • Container

Beginning from the front entrance and moving clockwise, start smudge of every space in the home with the salt, the candlelight, sage bundle, and keep the water with you.

In every space, use the oil to embrocate all doors and windowsills; a smudge can do. You can start a cleansing spell chant,

“With the purifying power of water, with the clean breath of air, with the heat of fireside hotter, with the grounding energy of the earth, we tend to cleanse this house from magic birth.”

Finally, after you have done the cleansing, raise your guests to a place of proper spirit in your home.

Other Protection Spells

Similarly, there are many other protection spells that can use for protection. For example

Also, for more details and guidelines you can directly contact Akhtar Bhai. WhatsApp +92322-6690723. Or you can write in a comment below.

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