Evil Eye Symptoms

I am going to mention here some evil eye symptoms. Many of the symptoms are similar to the possession of Jinn (ghost) or suffering from sorcery. So, those who have symptoms given below may understand their situation. 

Those who influence by the evil eye have mentioned below many of the symptoms from that it should be identified. Maybe or maybe not someone has possession of Jinn or suffering from an evil eye or sorcery.

Similarly, these are not the final symptoms and can vary in some cases and will be more or less in different cases. These signs of evil eye are going to show the strength of the problem.

Symptoms of Evil Eye

These are the symptoms of being suffering from the evil eye.

  1. Non-stop illness while you have not this type of medical background in your life.
  2. Your face skin starts to look ugly. Also, start very strange acne.
  3. without any reason constant tension, depression, and Anxiety.
  4. Having fear of certain people.
  5. Failing school exams but you performed very well previously.
  6. The evil eye can cause stomach pains in adults. 
  7. Forgetting normal things like your favorite fruit name or your close friend’s name.
  8. Your business starts to fail day after day. 
  9. Hindrance in Marriage (sometimes because of black magic)
  10. Premature birth of a baby or have an abortion without a medical reason.
  11. Feelings of fatigue and sleepiness.
  12. Critical incidents happen.
  13. Eyelashes start disappearing.
  14. Lack of focus and attention during work or study.
  15. A short temper is a common symptom of an evil eye.
  16. Headaches (rare a case mostly has a medical issue)
  17. Diarrhea is also an evil eye symptom in adults.
  18. You start losing hair at an early age.
  19. Eyes start itching and become issues with the eyesight.

Symptoms in Babies

Evil eye babies

  1. Mother has insufficient breast milk for the newborn baby.
  2. Constant weeping in children in a common symptom.
  3. Refusal of a baby to suck or drink milk.
  4. Nose Itching is also a common symptom.

How to confirm that you have an evil eye?

Firstly, remember that sometimes evil eye symptoms are the same as black magic symptoms. Also, these symptoms may have a medical issue and you do not have an evil eye or demonic possession.

Similarly, you are suffering but you still are not sure that what is your situation? Then you have to contact with your spiritual healer. So, you can confirm that you have an evil eye or you have not.

If you suffer from any of the mention symptoms or suspicion get in touch without hesitation. Akhtar Bhai +923226690723 (WhatsApp). You also can comment below for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Evil Eye Symptoms

  1. Hello I have an 11 month old baby girl she is always fussy she’ doesn’t have an appetite she constantly itching her nose. She doesn’t stay asleep when she naps. I took her to the doctors and nothing is wrong with her. I am worried someone gave her the evil eye I need help please .

  2. My daughter, age 14, and myself both began to show symtoms of illness 2021. My 20 yr and 18 old sons began to show physical symtoms and mental health bipolar-like signs. My daughter began seeing a shadow figure in a cloak right before all of this. My 20 yr old son was physically attacked and felt shocking pain as he was pushed to the floor. I’m ill. Have losses weight w no cause, pins and needles, zapping, burning pain all over, red and blue blemishes on my face , chest, legs, n feet, thinning hair, zero concentration, severe weakness, there are beings that aren’t human caught on my camera but always in reflection of mirror or windows and coming out of me or into me often. My daughter cyclic vomits, blacks out and falls to ground unconscious, migraine headaches..family quarrels, horrible financial luck. My 20 year old has also had visions of a shadow figure with a top hay. We all have experienced sleep paralysis. I believe there is demonic enties but also other forms of humanoids. Why is this happening? I’m happy to share some of the pictures. Some are clear, while others take studying. However, there is definitely something in each of them. If you are interested in viewing plz let me know. I know vwey little about evil eye symtoms. But thus is more than 1 thing or 1 attachment. There are so many different lifeforms!!

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