Revenge Spells

Revenge SpellsRevenge Spells

What Revenge Spells Can Do?

Revenge spells can cast for various purpose including disturbing someone marriage life, sex life, hurt someone for financial purpose, destroy someone business, job etc as example given below.
  • Revenge Spells To Cause Disease. Making the existing disease more severe or causing a new one. The person will start visiting doctors and hospital. It is one of the most dangerous revenge spell. Diseases caused by it are usually very serious. Sometimes people die of such diseases and the person does not even have time to find a cure for it.
  • Revenge Spells To Cause Ill Luck. It is a negative program aimed at a certain person to take his luck away. The spell works in a way continuous streak of bad luck. Ill luck haunts this person in all spheres of his life including private life work relations with family and friends. Even when an undertaking seems full advantageous it wont be successful while the victim will have to encounter new and new obstacles.
  • Revenge Spells On Beauty Affects. The victim starting look ugly and starts feeling unhappy due to her beauty gone.
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  • Revenge Spells To Cause Death. Death comes in many forms with this spell. Few of them are accident, suicide, serious disease.
  • Revenge Spells To Cause Insanity. This is perfect spell for those who want to eliminate a competitor. It can cause mental disorder, craziness, madness, in the victim ears hearing voices, moving evil spirits on the victim.
  • Revenge Spells On Business. Business goes fail or has low return. All efforts are in vain. No goals are achieving.
  • Revenge Spells To Cause Poverty. The person ruins into debt and has no income a financial pressure. For example it can help you eliminate your competitor and prevent you from having serious financial troubles resulting from your competitors activity.
  • Revenge Spells On Family. Spell on family is a negative influence that destroys families. Either the whole family or only the husband/wife is cursed. The person gets cruel towards his spouse. Raises his/her voice.
  • Revenge Spells On House. It is one of the most dangerous spell moving evil spirits in a regular evil spell on the house causes illnesses, bad luck, discomfort mostly at night.
  • Revenge Spells On The Debtor. The debtor will be racked so hard that he will give you your money back shortly.

Revenge Spell

Revenge spell is work when someone want to create obstacle in someone work or life. This spell will destroy their work and things which he had just created by casting spells. This spell is use only when you sure to take revenge from some people. Although its not good sign to cast this type of spells for any other miscellaneous purpose. This Revenge Spell will not only destroy your enemies. But at the same time will protect you from any of the evil that your enemies will do on you in the coming future. This spell will block all the evil and negative energies that is coming to you. And will back fire on all your enemies. So that in coming future they will never be able to harm or affect you. You will never have any enemies or jealous people around you.


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  1. ur spell workd HJ who was hurting me and made me so sad got terminated form ofice thanks for ur revenge spell u helped me form dat waste HJ………


  3. I want to stop my divorce. My intension is to save my marriage , but my husband is not. The divorce order may be passed by end of this month.kindly advise

  4. I want my husband to leave his first wife and repect me and my family members he should not go to that lady again can u give me some wazifa to read to make my husband loyal to me and my kids kindly help me

  5. Can you do 5 revenge spells or death spells please call me back asap. my mother passed lay year her death very fishy my sister and little brother were in on it and got the insurance money and put a restraining order against me I can’t even go to my mama’s house.

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