Amulet or Taweez/Tawiz

What Is An Amulet?

Amulet means an object believed to be blessed with special powers to protect or bring fortune. An amulet can be natural or either synthetic.

In addition, amulets can make with different materials like paper, metal, stone, bone, etc. Some of them need to tie with arms, trees, house doors, or neck. Also, you can use amulets for different purposes given examples are.

  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Love
  • Remove Evil Eye
  • Attraction

How Many Types Of Amulet?

There are two types of amulets.

1- Natural: 

Natural amulet examples are precious gems, metals, teeth, or bones, claws of an animal, plants, and so on. After having natural material still need to work on them.

Moreover, sometimes required changing the shape of the material. Also, need to chant a mantra to energize this material with energy.

Organic tawiz

2- Synthetic:

An amulet we make without using natural material we call synthetic amulet. These amulets are mostly written by ink on paper at a specific time. The written words on paper can be a symbol or powerful magical words full of energy.

Synthetic Amulet

Furthermore, we need to energize by a mantra so the amulet can have enough power for desired results. A synthetic amulet can be used for a specific purpose.

Amulets vs Spells which one is better?

It depends on your situation. Normally people use amulets for good luck, protection, attraction, or some people using for ex-back. Rather than using spells, they are taking the opportunity to use them.

However, they are working the same as spells. But there is little difference between them. Amulet works slowly than spells. Amulets always take time for work but spells have dead shoot solutions to any problem.

Furthermore, I highly recommend synthetic amulets or tawiz because they have 100% results. Similarly, we can not sure what possible things can happen with natural amulets and how much power they have. Even we are not sure if the natural amulet is perfect for your exact situation.

How Can Make Powerful Amulet/tawiz?

There are different methods for making powerful amulets. That can be used for different purposes. Every spellcaster has a different method of spells and different methods of amulets.

Synthetic Taweez

My methods may differ from other spell casters. But all have been used by thousands of people and they experienced good results. Also, they are different than the Chinese and Thai but still stronger than the others.

In conclusion, my protection amulets are protecting from black magic, evil eye, or any bad spiritual powers that someone using against you, and helps you to stay away from bad lucks.

Some easy and good methods are linked below.

3 thoughts on “Amulet or Taweez/Tawiz

  1. Hi need u help I had try three times for visa an they refuse me now I want to try again but I need you help with one of u amulet for me to get my visa

  2. Hello pleasant good morning.
    I have being going at the Embassy to get my visa.
    Which i get turn down.
    Every time i try to do something good in my life.
    Something bad always happen.
    I think someone have a bad spell on me from i was young.
    Are they have hands in my life.
    I never can happy the way i dream of.
    There is things i want to achieve in life .
    But its seems has i am not trying hard enough.
    I am 26 and i need to get my life straight out the way i wanted to.
    So can you help me please Mister.

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