Stop A Divorce Spell

If a relationship is breaking up and a couple is facing divorce the help of magic can be used to stop this process. There are spells out that will help stop the process and even help mend the relationship. If a person is facing a divorce they can use this spell to help stop the process.

The Moon Magic Anti Divorce Spell

This spell will help strengthen the relationship and will help prevent the divorce from happening. The couple will then feel united and they can work on the relationship instead of separating.

Items Needed for the Spell

  • Jasmine incense
  • A red candle
  • A picture of yourself
  • A picture of your loved one
  • Some olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of basil
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon fennel seed
  • 2 tablespoons of lavender
  • A small pot that is fireproof
  • Matches

The best time to perform this spell is during a full moon.

To perform this spell

To begin put some olive oil on the red candle. Put the picture of yourself and your loved one in front of you. Light the incense and the candle at this time. Remember that the fire element is being summoned. Hold the red candle in the right hand. Open your mind as you take 7 deep breaths.

When the candle has been burning for a little drip some of the wax on a picture of yourself and a picture of your loved one. This will help you bring energy to the spell. Focus on the issues in the relationship that you want to go away. Think about how you and your lover can be happy in the future and get past these problems. Once you have done this put the pictures together face to face. This will help the relationship stay together.

Take the pictures and put them into the pot. Add the basil oil, a pinch of cinnamon, the fennel, and lavender. Drizzle all of this with some of the olive oil. Take the red candle and put it into your right hand. Take 7 deep breaths. Focus on bringing positive energy. Allow some of the red wax to get into the mixture. Take 7 more breaths. The candle can be put down at this time.

Now that everything is in place take the matches and light everything in the pot on fire. Be careful when doing this. The fire for this stop a divorce spell will help release the negative aspects and the problems in the relationship.

Once this is done thank the moon and the universe for the help. Put on the candle. Allow the items in the pot to burn. Once they have cooled down take the ashes and throw them out into the wind. You need to see the moon while you are going this. Light the candle again and allow it to burn until the moon is no longer visible. This is sealing in the power of the spell.

At this time the smell is complete. Within days a person will see improvements in their relationship and the couple can be happy once again.

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11 thoughts on “Stop A Divorce Spell

  1. ever since my husband left me my marriage life have been a mess and i always wish that we were together and that he would come back to my life and our marriage could stay endlessly he no longer calls nor texts me and i wanted him so bad i needed help badly for return him then i found akhtar bhai i am very happy that akhtar brought him back with his powerful prevent divorce spell i must confess that i am very fortunate to have him you can contact him for your own help

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  3. After One Year Of My Marriage My Husband Behavior Became So Strange And I Dont Really Understand What Was Going On. I Never Dream’s Of Losing Him. I Try My Possible To Make Sure That My Husband Get Back To Me But All To No Avail, I Cry And Cry Seeking For Help. I Discussed It With My Best Friend Gazala, She Gave Me This Website And Told Me About Akhtar bhai That How He Has Help Countless Number Of People In Restoring Their Relationship.
    I Explain All My Problem To Him, He Told Me That Someone Did Black Magic For Your Breakup With Your Husband. He Told Me What To Do To Get My Husband Back And I Did, He Said After Few Days My Husband Will Come Back To Me And It Really Happen As He Said, I Was Very Surprise This Is So Amazing To God Be The Glory Our Relationship Is Now Very Tight And We Both Live Happily Again.

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  6. mera or mere husband ka hamesha jahgra rehta tha or mje divorce dne ki baten krta tha lekin akhtar sab sy amal k bad ab to na wo jhgra krty hen or na he divorce ki bat krty hen me akhtar sab ka jitna b shukria ada kru kam he

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  8. asalam o alikum !!! akhter bhae mai ney aap ko itney msg kiye hain aur email bhe , mai bht dhuki hoon , ap sa jawab ki darkhast ha , ALLAH AP KO HAMEHA KHUSH RAKHEY

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