Protection Mantra

Use of Protection Mantra

If you are facing these types of trouble in your life you need a protection mantra. Revenge spells have been using to destroy lives. These spells probably do not kill someone but hurt a lot. Evil powers have been used by these revenge spells that possess the body and mind of a victim.

These spells are commonly done by jealous people who cannot see you happy or do not want you to succeed in life. These spells can affect any destiny like career, education, marriage, or business, etc.

More symptoms can appear like you tried everything and get nothing even after all your efforts. After those feelings of suicide because thinking that you are a loser.

Protection Mantra

Also, these spells are destroying the peace and harmony of the family. I already have given different protection spells that can use against these spells.

The evil curse of a lady can come true and affect your life consequences. Going through a graveyard or any lonely place where evil spirits exists can affect you. To remove these types of problems in your life you can use a protection mantra. I have given a powerful mantra below.

Mantra: –

Rakh Rakh Allah Nabi Di Rakh

Gaus Kutab Di Rakh

Khaty Petay Di Rakh

Dabae Dabaye Di Rakh

Uday Jinn Puttany Di Rakh

Jadu tunay Di Rakh

kite kraye Di Rakh

Ae Khuda Sadi Laj Rakh

Procedure: –

The first step is to memorize the given mantra. Once you satisfied chant this protection mantra 101 times every night before sleep. If you are facing the worst situation then take some water in a bottle. You need to chant the given mantra 1111 times and blow on water.

Use the energized water every day morning before breakfast. Takes only a few sips of water and keeps chanting 101 times every night. Everything will get normal.

Similarly, if anyone has black magic symptoms and cannot chant mantra then you can do for them as to mention above. The only difference is before sleep after chant 101 times and blows on the victim.

Similarly, chant mantra 1111 times and blow on water, and give to the victim every day in the morning. If the victim cannot get up then use a tablespoon so he/she can take a sip of the water.

Another Mantra for Protection

If you are unsure and you do not understand what is wrong but you still feel an energy around you. Then use this powerful protection mantra from evil spells.

another mantra for protection

Some strong types of spells may hard to remove for a normal person who does not has knowledge of magic and spell. Spellcaster uses these evil spells where spirits and gosht involve so the victim can suffer more.

Mantra: –

“Sad barhina bala bohla ulti peet plany ghora asi kos k dahwy lagwy swa sear ka tosha khawy mari bandhy masan bandhy bhoot bandhy chadeal bandhy narsing bandhy”

Procedure: –

Chant this another mantra for protection from evil spells 121 times on Tuesday with a burning sandal and two joss sticks. Mantra will be energized. Now, you can use an energized mantra to take bath or can use it for a drink. The spirit problem will get removed.

Moreover, if you have any questions by given the protection mantra feel free to ask Akhtar Bhai at +9232266-90723 (WhatsApp). Or you can write your experience with this mantra in the comments.

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