Breakup spell with lemon

A breakup spell can repair or damage a relationship. If you suffer from a toxic marriage relationship, it is easy to put an end to it through a breakup spell. A breakup spell is a magical power that brings a barrier between two people in a relationship such as a husband and a wife. There are different ways of exhibiting that magical power and one of them is the breakup spell with lemon.

Using this method to put an end to a relationship is something you have to take seriously when you hear about it. This is because if you use it well, it can work for you but when you use it the wrong way, it is counterproductive. You have to exercise patience when you start to apply this magical power. If you want to do that, you must consult a specialist to get it done successfully. Success or failure depends on what you use to do it and how you do it.

If you carry out the breakup spell using lemon, it is going to work. This simply involves performing the ritual using lemon, and when you do it the correct way, it guarantees the breakup of the couple. If you are a novice user, you require a professional guide. You would watch the relationship between the couple deteriorate with time.

To deal with that problem, you should always focus your attention on the targeted breakup spells. There is various information on how to cast such a spell and you can check them on different resources as this can assist you to come out of that problem.

Origin of this breakup spell

Lemon breakup spells are relatively new compared to other methods. It is believed to have originated from Islamic sorcerers, from where it was copied to European countries and other parts of the world. Over time it has changed in the method. In the Islamic world, it was used for another purpose. The aim then was to make it difficult for people to get married. In Europe for instance, it is used for another purpose and that it to make spouse have a troubled relationship since it makes them fight all the time.

How does a break-up spell with lemon works?

Already said about doing it the correct way. You must learn before you embark on this exercise. The aim here is to discover the method that works for you. You can achieve the expected results after doing it correctly. The first thing you need to know is that you are not going to use all kinds of lemons for this purpose. Akhtar Bhai recommends that if you want the breakup spell with lemon to be effective, then you have to use unhealthy and unattractive lemon. Moreover, such a lemon should not have a good shape.

It is good that you choose a green lemon or a bright yellow lemon. The lemon sourer is equally important when you are making that choice. When it is sourer it is more effective and can achieve a better result.

Various ways of applying the magical spell

Break-up spells can cast in different recipes. Akhtar Bhai recommends that you clean your windowsill. Cover it with black paper, and conceal it on the window. Make sure that sunlight and moonlight do not get to the room. If you like, you can choose a clear sticky taper to conceal it.

How to prepare the lemon for the breakup sacrifice

Step 1: Put the lemon you want to use on the table, and smashed it with your fist. The purpose here is to soften it. Do not smash it too hard. Do not allow the peel to get out of the lemon. If it does it can hardly achieve the purpose you want to use it. The secret of success here is that the peel must be intact one hundred percent.

Finally, pick the full length of the picture of the couple you want to end the relationship with. Ensure that you take the correct picture. Do not pick a picture where couples are touching each other.

The pictures to choose must have the following characteristics and they include the following:

  • It has to be big enough
  • It has to be a black and white picture
  • The print has to be on a thick paper
  • It has to be at least one year old
  • There should be no notes or inscriptions on the picture
  • Nobody especially the couple should know that you have the picture

Step 2: Bring 11 needles and energize them by given verse. Say 11 times and blow each needle.

Faja Alahum ka asfim ma kuul

breakup spell with needle

Step 3: Pinch each needle one by one by covering the lemon with the pictures reciting the given verse.

Step 4: After the third step, you can do a breakup spell with lemon these two ways. First, keep the lemon in a far place a trees area. The lemon will begin to decompose with time. Its decomposing result will hurt the relationship existing between the couple.

You must ensure that you do it the correct way to achieve the expected result of a breakup that you have desired. Because of that, you may not bury the lemon on the ground, instead, you can leave it a place where it can decompose and dry.

Secondly, you can bury this lemon in the garden of the couple to make it fast. There are conditions where this spell does not work. Do not bury it in a compound where other couples are residing. Only to the compound where only the couple that you want to separate reside.

I recommended that you do not bury it on the ground. One of the reasons it is that if you put in a place where other couples are residing. The breakup effect is going to be distributed to the couples residing in that area. Because it is distributed, it is not going to have any effect on the couple you want to dissolve the relationship with.

Furthermore, in places where there are other couples, the spell could catch only the couples with the worst of relationships and it may not affect the people you want to dissolve their marriage.

Finally remember that when you are doing this, it has to be one hundred percent secret. Nobody should know what you are doing. If you apply it the correct way, the chances of succeeding are always there. If you do not do it the correct way, it may not succeed. Furthermore, this is not the only way of applying this breakup spell method. There could be other ways and you can research it.

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